Tesla Model 3 Highland

Tesla 3 Model Highland

Tesla is one of the best car manufacturers in the market. Tesla produces high-quality electric cars and additional accessories. This year, Tesla debuted the Cybertruck in addition to the highly anticipated Model 3 Highland electric vehicle. Although their Tesla Cybertruck has gained a lot of attention—including our own—it is hardly the company's most significant recent release. Additionally, Tesla unveiled the first major update to its revolutionary Tesla Model 3 Highland sedan last autumn. We had the opportunity to get up close and personal with one at the Chicago Auto Show; it's known as the Highland. Some of the largest modifications are only to the outside and interior, which is covered here there are many who have started testing it and uploaded their reviews on many online platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and many more.

Tesla Model 3 Body

When it comes to the Model 3's body, not much has changed. The front fascia, with its revised headlights and bumper, is the main change. Instead of the cleft nose that has been seen on the 3 and Y for years, the Highland receives a much more typical, straightened-out nose. Along with losing their boomerang design, the headlights now have sharp, tiny corners at each end. It's far less distinctive than previously, but it also looks more dapper; more of a lateral move. C-shaped taillights are another minor change to the tail. They have a somewhat more intriguing design, but it's also very simple to overlook them.

Tesla Model 3 Interior, Steering, and Display

It's now time to enter in the Car. The interior of the Tesla can be seen by simultaneously pulling and pressing the flush door handles, which unmistakably resembles that of its predecessor. But after a little while, you begin to notice the changes, which are really pretty pleasant. The ambient light strip that extends from one door panel up and around the dash to the base of the windscreen and back around to the other door panel is the most obvious alteration. It reminds me of a similar arcing Jaguar XJ trim item that was discontinued. Additionally, the lighting is customizable. Instead of being a boring shelf, it all gives the dash some much-needed visual flair. This is most likely the best use of Tesla's unwaveringly simple interior design to date.

Strangely enough, though, Tesla doesn't appear to be carrying the wood-grain dash trim anymore. Instead, they've chosen a panel covered with fabric. It's very cool, and we always enjoy seeing upholstered panels in other vehicles, especially when they have interesting textiles. However, the removal of the wood-grain option is a little disheartening because it added a much-needed touch of coziness to Tesla's otherwise chilly design.

Tesla Steering

The steering wheel is another modification made to the Model 3 Highland. Tesla has eschewed stalks in favor of steering wheel controls for features like turn signals. We love buttons, but not for turn signals. They have the advantage of staying still when turning the wheel, even if turn signal stalks are something we've all been conditioned to utilize. You're always aware of their location. On the other hand, the turn-signal buttons on the Highland move continuously.

We also discussed this with the Tesla Cybertruck, although that's less of a problem because of the fast-ratio steer-by-wire, which reduces the likelihood of repeatedly turning the wheel over and allows you to probably keep your hands in the same location most of the time. It's basically a dumb choice that doesn't really add anything to that subject, made under the guise of minimalism (but cost-cutting). To be fair, they also don't make sense in a lot of different Ferraris.

Tesla Model 3 Extra Interior 

The rest of the interior, while still having its ups and downs, is essentially unchanged. Some amazing ups from the driver's seat. There is amazing visibility forward. The narrow pillars, door sills, low hood, and dash offer an incredible view. The unusually elevated seating posture supports it. For those in front, room is abundant in all directions, and the chairs are fairly supportive and have many adjustment options. However, because of the design of the thumbwheel controls that are used to change the steering wheel, there is still an unpleasant lack of fine adjustment.

Tesla Main Display

The Big Display is the large 15.4-inch touchscreen in the center of the dash. It's a great screen with outstanding response time and brightness. This screen must be so good because it manages everything, including instruments. It does have fixed shortcuts at the bottom. Having driven a Model 3 previously, I can tell you that the center screen's instruments are more useful than you might think. However, the Model 3's continued lack of a head-up display remains a pain.

Tesla Model 3 Rear Drawbacks & Features

The Model 3's rear seat is more of a drawback. Adults find it difficult to sit so near to the floor, especially since there isn't enough room underneath the front seats for their feet to drop into. This causes their legs to get somewhat tucked in and elevated off the seat base. There's also a little bit of headroom. It almost seems like you need the glass roof back there to make it suitable for adults. However, the seats themselves are fairly comfy, with good support and padding, if you can get into the back seats.

Another peculiar feature of the Highland is its new 8-inch rear touchscreen. This is another excellent screen that gives rear passengers control over the infotainment, entertainment, and climate systems. It even allows you to play various mobile games. But it's mounted very low and is rather modest for entertainment purposes. It would be awkward to look at for extended periods of time, and adults would need to bend quite a bit to get at it. It's funny that Tesla included this second screen even though its functionality is limited, given that turn signal stalks were removed for cost and minimalism. To pass the time, people use their phones in the car.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Capacity

The Model 3 retains much of the same cargo capacity but adds a trunk and a frunk. There are a good 21 cubic feet in the trunk. Conversely, the car's frunk is smaller than what one might assume from the outside. Since it only has 3.1 cubic feet, you should probably use it for little items like emergency supplies and charging connections rather than using it for ordinary luggage.

Tesla 3 Highland Makeover

Acoustic glass, a better sound system, increased range, blind-spot detection, and other improvements have also been introduced to the Model 3 Highland in the new makeover. It appears that the suspension has been adjusted for increased sportiness. But without getting behind the wheel, we are unable to inform you of the impact of that. Furthermore, as you may be aware, Tesla does not lend press cars for testing. That will therefore, need to wait until we are able to rent or borrow a Highland Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 Mileage

A fully charged battery can provide roughly 300 miles of range. However, a number of variables, including driving style, topography, climate, and the use of climate control systems, will affect the actual range. For instance, maintaining high speeds in freezing conditions might lead to a range of about 215 miles.


In conclusion, the Tesla Model 3 Highland is a significant update to the already impressive Model 3 electric vehicle. With its sleek exterior design and customizable interior lighting, the Highland offers a unique and enjoyable driving experience. While there are some minor drawbacks, such as the lack of fine adjustment for the steering wheel and limited rear seat space, the benefits of owning a Tesla Model 3 Highland far outweigh any negatives. Overall, the Tesla Model 3 Highland is a fantastic option for those looking to invest in an electric vehicle that offers both style and substance. To learn more about the Tesla Car blog, you can visit our site, “Do My Assignment”. We provide the best assignment help to all the students who are struggling while writing assignments by themselves.


Q1. What is the fastest speed of Model 3?

TESLA Model 3 Highland can do 0-60 mp/h [0-100 km/h] in 4.4 seconds. The TESLA Model 3 Facelift top speed VMAX is electronically limited to 250 km/h (155 mph).

Q2. How fast can you charge a Model RWD?

For the Model 3 and Model Y rear-wheel drives, the Wall Connector and Mobile Connector provide the same maximum charging rate (32A) of up to 48.2 km/h.

Q3. How much is the Tesla Model 3 in 2024?

Depending on the trim and options, the 2024 Tesla Model 3 is anticipated to cost between $40,630 and $55,000. All subsequent trim levels feature two motors and all-wheel drive, whereas the base model has just one motor controlling the back wheels.

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