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When students go abroad for graduation and post-graduation, they come across many academic tasks that they never encountered before. One of the most challenging tasks is writing assignments. These students get loaded with several forms of academic papers such as theses, dissertations, essays, and case studies. When it comes to essays, students confuse it with normal essay writing, but later, they come to know that academic essay writing is completely different from the usual essays. If you are a university student and get stuck while handling these specialized tasks, the best way to get relieved of all the stress is to take aid from essay writing service providers. Taking assistance from professionals is quite easy, you just need to connect with an online platform that offers reliable services. Once you request a task from the experts, you are done with it before the date of submission.

At ‘Do My Assignment,’ we deliver the best essay-writing service that furnishes you with a seamless academic help venture. Our team of talented writers excels in every topic related to their subject-matter expertise. The tasks done by these specialists help students augment their grades to a great extent and improve their overall academic performance.

What Exactly Is an Academic Essay?

An academic essay is a systematized kind of writing that students face as demanded coursework in the worldwide university. The most regular goals of such a paper are to either give new details or utilize current learning and facts to transmit particular ideas. Such a project makes students investigate their opinions in order to share a message while also allowing them to show off their understanding and imagination.

Essays are typically briefer than other academic writing assignments and include the writers' beliefs as evidence for their assertions. You should consider the following noteworthy components of an academic essay:


Essays generally have a word count between 200 and 500.


Because essays are brief, the ideal topic should be focused and not too general.

Well-structured Text

Although being among the least formal writing formats, essays need to have a strong framework and adhere to the right formatting conventions for academic papers. Every academic essay should make a precise argument that is both clear and compelling (the thesis statement).

Personal Interest

Contrary to other academic writings, essays continually imply that their writers have a bias towards the topics they are writing about.

Supporting Facts, Evidence, and Instances

Although essays may give a glance at the opinions and feelings of the writer, they also need to propose arguments in turn of those views.

If students gain the talent of being thorough with the types and formats used in academic writing, this helps them not just while pursuing education but even after that. In case you don’t have such skills, you can acquire assistance from our essay writing service online. Our specialists have more assertive verbal and written communication aptitudes and superb self-assurance.

We offer a custom writing service that outlines the primary forms of academic essays for you so that you can use them effectively for more satisfactory grades.

essay writing service online

Classification of Academic Essay

There are four basic styles of essays written in academic writing, each of which functions differently. The four varieties of academic writing are persuasive, expository, narrative, and descriptive.

The most prevalent essays asked as assignments in universities are expository and persuasive because they are more factual and scientific. Narrative or descriptive essays are toward the subjective side and foster creativity. Let's investigate each term for an academic essay and break down each category.

Narrative Essay

This kind of writing needs the writer to gather a gripping story about almost anything possible. In other terms, it is a fiction that has been greatly condensed. Students must show their visionary skills in this type of writing. It, therefore, suggests the constant employment of effective adjectives. Their utilization will aid the essay's author in painting a convincing, explicit picture of their saga and enhance the audience's learning of the topic.

Although the preliminary purpose of this sort of essay is basically to tell a captivating story, there is much more to it than it seems. Further, there should be a note "written between the lines" in an elaborated narration. In simple terms, the text should communicate a straightforward message. You can enable the reader to read the entire essay by including a hidden message that spikes their curiosity.

Descriptive Essay

In other words, the author selects a particular thing, incident, emotion, or thought and describes it for the reader in this style of essay. This writing type expects the author to be subjective and innovative, just the way it is in narrative writing. In addition, the author is anticipated to create an impression in the audience's minds, precisely the way it is in a narrative essay. Making brilliant word picks is another significant element of writing a thriving descriptive essay.

Such a report ought to stir up certain feelings in the reader and connect them to the subject under reference. At the end, the article should include a concise explanation of the topic. When the reader is done with reading an essay and has a comprehensive understanding of the topic, you know you have created an excellent descriptive essay.

Expository Essay

Expository essays are another type of academic essay that uses reliable data and facts to help readers apprehend the topic's significance. This kind of writing makes it compulsory that the writer provides solid proof to back up all of the material submitted.

There is no room for arguments or subjective perspectives in an explanatory essay. An analysis using real data about the topic should be included in a high-quality paper. The primary intent of the writer is to notify and enlighten the audience through clear logic and data.

Persuasive Essays

Taking on the impression of a salesperson is a must while writing a persuasive essay. You may express an idea, project, or perspective that you must later sell to your reader. The reader should have no basis to doubt that what you are disseminating is the only reality they need to learn because your logic should be impenetrable.

To bypass being assertive, carefully formulate your points and cloak your pitch in a rational way. Depending on what you are attempting to argue about, you can uphold your points utilizing logical arguments, emotive arguments, or a combination of both.

A Pros and Cons Essay

To create an outstanding write-up, you must fully understand a ‘pros and cons’ essay. This kind of writing assignment is exactly what it sounds like: an argumentative essay that asks you to take into account both the advantages and disadvantages of a topic. The fact that you cannot just write a list of advantages and disadvantages is maybe the most challenging aspect of this style of writing. Instead, you should summarize your information, take a position, and clarify your case. But you shouldn't just concentrate on verifying your stand in the essay. It should comprise arguments, and your opinion should only reflect the judgment you reached after carefully evaluating all the arguments.

How to Write a Pros and Cons Essay: Some Things to Think About

First, you should pick a controversial topic. It implies that you must be able to offer an appropriate mix of both positives and demerits. Genocide, for instance, is not arguable because there is nothing positive that can be said about it, and charity is likewise not debatable since there is nothing negative that can be said about it.

It's also crucial to remember that in your essay, you should assess the benefits and drawbacks equally. You should thoroughly assess each argument's side. The thesis statement at the climax of an excellent pros and cons essay will help you to apprehend the author's point of view. Let's now explore the writing process in a more detailed manner.

Writing like a pro is impossible for students as they don’t have enough time to write a high-quality essay. This is the time when these individuals need a college essay-writing service. Such a platform helps students handle their academic tasks smoothly and, at the same also, gain more marks and better grades. In such a scenario, it can be of great help. So, if you need aid for your essay, you can seek it from us at ‘do my assignment.’ We offer exemplary academic writing services that deliver unbelievable outcomes for university students.

Steps to Follow While Writing a Pros and Cons Essay

Because producing an argumentative essay involves doing research, creating an outline, writing a draft, and editing it, the writing process is somewhat similar for all argumentative essays. However, essays on the pros and cons also have unique attributes of their own.

In-depth Research for the Topic

Start your study if your instructor has assigned your topic or if you've selected a worthwhile, disputed subject. Be sure to seek out dependable sources and refrain from bias. Even if you have a strong view of an issue, you must remain open-minded. Keep your personal beliefs out of your study.

Analyze the Pros and Cons

Consider categorizing the facts you find during your analysis into pros and cons. Make a list of the good and adverse features that will serve as the foundation for your outline instead of writing an outline at this time.

Create an Outline

Write your outline after gathering a list of advantages and disadvantages. It ought to have an introduction, three paragraphs of body text, and a conclusion. You should discuss both in the essay's body. You can decide to provide the positives and drawbacks in the following order: pros first, cons second, or you can focus each paragraph of the body on a different aspect of the topic and present both sides of the argument.

Write an Apt Introduction

Strong hooks should be used at the start of the introduction to draw people’s attention to keep reading your article. Your position on the subject must be expressed in the thesis statement. However, you can also include your thesis statement in the end when creating an essay with both pros and drawbacks. If you state your thesis in the introduction, it could give readers a rough idea of what to expect from the body paragraphs.

Add Important Details to Outline

It won't be problematic for you to write the body paragraphs once you've crafted the statement and outline. Just add extra information and expand on the points you made in your plan. Each body paragraph should only address one idea, but they all need to be connected to the thesis statement.

Write the conclusion

There are two key goals for the ending. The essay as a whole should be summarized first. Second, it ought to give your audience food for thought. If you didn't mention your thesis statement in the introduction, you might be able to infer it by presenting it.

As you can see, writing a pros and drawbacks essay is not difficult. Ask the professionals at "Do My Assignment" for assistance if you're still unsure that you can create a quality essay. Our quality assignment help online will provide you with top-notch papers on any subject because they are well-versed in all types of writing projects. On our platform, we keep every task as a priority and never fail to deliver it to you on time except in case of unforeseen circumstances. Besides this, our platform offers one of the cheapest essay writing services by keeping the prices extremely affordable for students. So, if you want to avail such lucrative benefits, connect with us now!

Reasons to Opt for Our Essay Writing Service

There are innumerable options available that provide assistance for writing academic essays. However, there are some characteristics of our platform that make us out of the ordinary. Let’s go through some of these specific features.

Experience and Knowledge

Writers with years of expertise and in-depth knowledge of all the formats, types, and concepts make up our team of qualified writers. They have thus successfully accomplished sizable assignment jobs that display their expertise and effectively manage challenging issues.

Individualized Solutions

Every student has unique shortcomings and strengths, as we are all too aware. As a result, we offer customized answers for each essay writing task. Additionally, we guarantee that all rules and requirements your university sets are followed correctly. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we work hard to offer a task that accurately reflects your unique goals.

Quick Delivery

Any essay, no matter how nicely prepared, is useless if it is not turned in by the deadline. When it comes to tasks, delivery on time is essential. Our specialists are skilled at completing assignments on time and can handle every aspect of providing essay writing service online on time or earlier than the deadline. Students will have plenty of time to review our work and request revisions if necessary.

Quality Control

Our writers provide flawless essays that meet all requirements for quality. They carefully review your assignment before giving it to you. Everything is done to ensure that your essay is effective and error-free, including testing, debugging, editing, and plagiarism checking.

Round-the-clock Support

Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and provides ongoing assistance. Moreover, our executives are available by phone if you have questions regarding a concept or would like an update on how your task is coming along.

Affordable Services

We are very aware of the financial limitations that face college students. Due to this we have maintained our costs low and fair in order to provide cheap essay-writing services for students. As a result, we guarantee top-notch assignment support without emptying students' wallets.


We keep all of the information you provide us secure. We are aware that your information, both personal and work-related, must be kept confidential. Therefore, we are committed to giving your privacy and confidentiality first priority. Moreover, along with professional essay writing assistance, we also provide assessment help. This is how we handle almost all the academic tasks and issues that students face.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Which type of essays are the most common ones at universities?

    Universities ask for argumentative essays the most. Narrative and descriptive kind of essays usually involve imagination and innovation in the content. Whereas, argumentative essays comprise more factual information and fall on the objective side.

  • 2. What is the point of writing an academic essay?

    The academic essay's goal is to persuade readers through argumentative speech. The essay is a tool used by academics to advance ideas. Its significance as a teaching tool is in helping pupils improve their capacity for critical thought.

  • 3. What is the pricing structure for custom academic writing?

    The pricing varies based on the chosen topic and the requested number of pages. We have kept the prices quite nominal so that every student can get quality essays written by professionals in a cost-effective manner.

  • 4. Is my information safe with you?

    We never share your personal information with any third party. Also, our platform is completely safe and secure to use and keeps all your important data confidential.

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