Refund Policy

Do My Assignment has a clear refund policy to provide users with confidence and trust in their services. If a client is not satisfied with the product or services delivered, they can request a refund within stipulated days of the delivery which is explained in the detailed later as per cases.

However, it's important to note that Do My Assignment takes responsibility for delivering the requested product or service within the agreed timelines and requirements. If the company fails to meet these expectations, the client is eligible for a refund or exchange.

The refund policy is designed to ensure the satisfaction of the clients, and Do My Assignment aims to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. While the company strives to provide high-quality services, there may be instances where the delivered product or service does not meet the client's expectations due to the involvement of human intelligence.

If you are facing any issue, you can go through the other pointers of the policy to understand the terms and conditions of the refund policy. In general, Do My Assignment is committed to providing its clients with high-quality services and ensuring that they are satisfied with their experience.

You can raise refund requests for the products/services opted for from our website within the specified timeline.

  • score Log in to your account on the website.
  • score Go to your dashboard and find the order for which you want to raise the refund request.
  • score Click on the order to open it and look for the option to create a return request.
  • score Provide the reason for the refund request along with specific proof or documentation to support your claim.
  • score Submit the request and wait for the customer support team to review it.
  • score Alternatively, if you are facing any issues in accessing your dashboard or creating a return request, you can send an email to the official email id with the order code provided to you at the time of order booking. Make sure to include all the necessary details and proof in the email.
  • score Please note that the refund request can only be raised within the specified timeline and for the products or services that are eligible for return. The non-returnable products cannot be refunded. The customer support team will review your request and get back to you with the further process.

If you wish to cancel your order after booking and want a refund, the amount of refund you will receive depends on the status of the order and the deadline for delivery.

  • score If an expert has already been assigned to your order and the work has been executed, then the order will be treated as non-returnable, and no refund will be applicable in this case.
  • score If the order has not been assigned to an expert for any specific product and has passed three fourths of its deadline without any work being started, then you will be eligible for a 25% discount coupon. The refunded amount will be transferred to your wallet and the same will be credited to you post analysis via customer support team.
  • score It's important to note that cancellation and refund policies may vary depending on the product or services you are requesting, so be sure to review their policies before placing an order.

We always strive to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to our customers. However, we never intend to let our clients face these circumstances of no delivery. If you face the issue where an order is not delivered due to no expert assigned or unavailability of expert, we provide a 50-100% refund to the client’s wallet as soon as possible once the customer support team comes with the analysis within 7 days.

If your requested order deadline is missed, the situation will be evaluated based on the specific circumstances. If the delay is due to a high-priority emergency instance at the end of the experts, we will try to minimize the delay as much as possible through mutual agreement on a feasible deadline extension or changing the expert. If the order does not align with the previous arrangement to change the expert with a certain extension and you wish to go ahead with a refund due to the missed deadline, the following scenarios will apply:

  • score If you have already downloaded the delivered solution and are seeking a refund due to the missed deadline, your request for a refund will not be approved, and you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • score We guarantee on-time delivery, but as we work collaboratively, any delay on your end in providing additional support or information necessary to execute your requested services may result in the order being considered non-refundable.
  • score If you are applying for a sudden change in the deadline for delivery of the services, the product or services requested will be considered non-refundable. However, we will do our best to understand and manage the work to deliver within the deadline to ensure client satisfaction. Failure to do so will not be eligible for any refund or exchange request.
  • score If we have missed the deadline due to the non-availability of experts or other reasons, we will provide you with the complete solution as per our agreed timeline for the second time over the order processing phase. If you want to proceed with the refund, then you are requested to provide us with proof of deadline pass on original submission visible on portal. A refund will be applicable with a 50%-100% discount in the wallet or a discount coupon that will be valid for the next 15 days. The decision of our customer support team will be final in this regard, as per the guidelines of our refund policy.

This scenario outlines the refund policy for a tutoring service in case the customer is not satisfied with the grade received for the assignment. The company does not guarantee grades and does not provide cash refunds. However, the customer can follow the specified steps to raise a dissatisfaction request. The customer must submit valid proof of the grade sheet along with the feedback file within a specific time frame, depending on the word count range of the assignment. The refund request will be addressed within 7 days, and the company will transfer the subjected verified order amount in the customer's company wallet account, which can be used for future orders. The customer support team will analyze the feedback shared by the operations team, and their decision will be final. It's important to note that any claim for a refund on individual understanding or feedback will not be considered for a refund. To raise a refund request, the customer must use the client user panel. Please read further instructions for your reference:

  • score The document for fail verification must be submitted within 2 days of refund request and failure in this will be led to the conversion of order in non-refundable category.
  • score The timeline for raising dissatisfaction report for the services delivered needs to be submitted as per following matrix1.
    • score Word count range: 0-2000: Refund Request must be raised within 21 days of delivery of assignment sample.
    • score Word count range: 2000-5000: Refund Request must be raised within 30 days of delivery of assignment sample.
    • score Word count range: 5000-12000: Refund Request must be raised within 40 days of delivery of assignment sample.
    • score Word count range: 12000 and more Refund Request must be raised within 50 days of delivery of assignment sample.
  • score The services being asked for by us are very subjective in nature and thus, any claim for a refund on individual understanding or feedback based on your own prospects will not be considered for the refund.
  • score Refund Processing: The duration for these wallet amounts to be used must be aligned with the same word count grouping used above i.e., 0-2000 will have the validity of 15 days and so on as cited above in matrix1.
  • score The customer support team is liable to go ahead with the overall analysis of the services used by the client and dive upon all findings with the user and the decision of the Customer Support team will be final in this regard.

Just to clarify we try our best to aid in a way to get the maximum grade to help our customers. And any dissatisfaction in grade does not mean the non-fulfillment or usage of our service. Keeping in line with the integrity of the tutoring domain, any refund requests will not be eligible for cash refunds, and we need to proceed as per the clauses cited above.

As per the product/services being offered to our client, we don’t allow the money back guarantee or any refund requests on following order categories:

  • score If the order was booked with partial payment and the client is requesting a refund based on partial work delivery.
  • score If the customer support team finds that enough supporting material was not provided at the time of booking or in the process of service delivery.
  • score If the scope of the task includes the proofreading, customization, Editing, and other services where the original content is not provided by our side.
  • score When the order is booked with the steep deadline and with certain word count limit. Please find the bifurcation attached below for your reference.
    • score When the date of delivery is within 72 hours of deadline for the word count ranging in slab of 0-2000 words.
    • score When the date of delivery is within 96 hours of the deadline for the word count ranging in slab of 2000-6000 words.
    • score When the date of delivery is within 120 hours the deadline for the word count is more than 6000-10000 words.
    • score When the date of delivery is within 140 hours the deadline for the word count is more than 10000 words.
  • score When the order is placed, and the client is sharing no update or timelines for the requirements or request raised for their orders within 7 days. The conditions of pre booked order* will not be considered in this case. For pre booked orders, client must submit the new requirement 10 days in advance or client need to pay 50 AUD per 1000 Words in additional to compensate the slot in urgent deadline.
  • score *Pre Book Order: Order must need to have minimum 3 assignments and 6000-word count as the agreed deliverables. And out of three requirement or update regarding other are not released yet.
  • score It is important to note that all refund requests will only be credited to the client's personal wallet only and no cash refunds are applicable.
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